Vondelpark Furnishings

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Our furniture design proposal for the famous Amsterdam Vondelpark was short-listed in an international competition in 2008. In our concept, we aimed for a formal tension between modernity and tradition, referring subtly to the cultural history of European park architecture.

Since 1999, the city of Amsterdam has been conducting a large-scale renovation of the park which involves replacement of the park furniture. Our design proposal encompasses a series of small park buildings, seating facilities and a park lantern. Each piece of furniture is developed as a coherent autonomous design that, at the same time, forms part of the overall language.

Craftsmanship in the construction and materialisation are an integral part of the design. By exposing the building components and junctions, we highlight the structural expression. The palette of fine materials was carefully chosen: stainless steel, untreated hardwood and sanded glass. Over time the untreated hardwood will age to become grey, emphasizing the striking visual contrast between the matte, rough wood surface and the smooth, shiny stainless steel.

The furnishings are developed with environmental sustainability in mind: replacement, disassembly or recycling at the end of the object’s lifetime are anticipated into the construction design.


Client: Municipality of Amsterdam
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Program: Park Buildings, Seating Facilities, Park Lanterns
Park Area: 47 hectares
Status: Competition (finalist, 2009)
Consultant: Bouwkostenadvies T.M. Laan (cost calculation)
Team: Serge Schoemaker, Corine Erades

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