Plan Libre 2.0

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Plan Libre 2.0 is a study for a prefabricated modular wooden building system. We were interested to explore the architectural possibilities for sustainable architecture using simple, efficient constructions and minimal materials.

Our design reflects the practice’s fascination with architecture that derives its expression from structural logic. The proposal involves a three-storey circular structure consisting of six glued-laminated timber columns and twenty-four prefabricated timber frame floor elements. The structure is 10 metres high, its diameter widens from 12 metres at the base to 17 metres at the top. Fixed into the base and slightly leaning outwards, the wooden pillars hold the structure in balance, gaining their strength in the connection with the floor segments.

The distinct architectural form of the building creates a unique spatial quality. The central void both reduces the building weight and overall construction dimensions, and brings light into the centre of the building. If required, the inner void can be filled in to become either an internal or external courtyard.

The environmentally sustainable structure can be quickly assembled and easily dismantled for reuse elsewhere. In this way, the simple wooden structure could function as a temporary or permanent pavilion, a public viewing platform in a natural environment or on a sensitive site or as a spacious contemporary patio house.


Year: 2012
Status: Design study
Team: Serge Schoemaker, Dik Houben, Beatrice Nespega

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