Ede Private Practice

We designed a modern and spacious interior for the new medical practice of general practitioner Orbay Cihanbeyli in Ede. The office of the previous occupier – whose practice Cihanbeyli took over – was cramped full of furniture, lacking space and light. In response to this, we sought a spatially efficient solution that could combine all the required functions, provide privacy and free up floor space. Thereby we introduced a full-height furniture wall unit measuring almost seven metres long along the longest wall.

Made from birch plywood, the custom-designed wall unit incorporates seating, storage space, drawers for medical equipment, and a kitchenette. Three large interspersed openings slant outwards to give the unit a sculptural character. The two largest openings with integrated window seats are situated in front of the existing windows, allowing daylight to pour in from different angles from behind the new seating. Integrated translucent window blinds filter the sunlight and allow privacy if required. A third opening accommodates the kitchenette.

With all handles integrated into the joinery, the flush surface emphasizes the simple, clean lines of the unit.  In order to keep the interior as light and clean as possible, the walls were painted white and the floor was finished with a durable loam-coloured coating. Crafted from the same light-coloured birch plywood, the new custom-made tables and drawer elements complement the wall unit, together creating a holistic and serene atmosphere that befits the medical practice.


Location: Ede, Netherlands
Client: Huisartsenpraktijk Cihanbeyli
Year: 2012
Status: Completed
Team: Serge Schoemaker, Kevin Veenhuizen
Photography: Raoul Kramer

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