Cheese Valley Art Installation

‘Yellow gold.’ That’s what they call the famous cheese from the Gouda area. Known for its distinctive agricultural products, the region now wants to attract foreign tourists. To that end, it invited Serge Schoemaker Architects to design an iconic facade installation for the area.

Serge Schoemaker Architects designed the installation on the facade of one of the cheese warehouses in the region. These blank facades often conceal high-tech environments where robots turn the local artisanal cheeses every week.

This repetitive, modernized process, as well as the millions of invisible cheeses ripening on shelves behind these facades, provided the inspiration for the design of the facade installation.

The project shows that these anonymous industrial facades, which often disfigure the Dutch landscape, can also be used in a positive way and contribute to a nice piece of storytelling. This installation will enable the ‘Cheese Valley Holland’, as the municipalities of Gouda, Woerden, Bodegraven-Reeuwijk and Krimpenerwaard now market the area, to position itself in artistic style.

The seventy-metre-long facade installation consists of a grid of 1200 aluminium disks that have been fixed to the facade in such a way that they swivel on their axis in the wind. The swivelling discs allude to the most important aspect of cheese production: regularly turning cheeses upside down.

The discs are executed in two colours: one side is untreated aluminium, the other features a gold-yellow coating. The changing angles of the disc create a constantly changing appearance in which aluminium and yellow-gold alternate with each other. The interactive character and changing lighting conditions generate an endless variety of patterns and colour hues.


Location: Cheese Valley, Netherlands
Year: 2018-
Status: Ongoing
Team: Serge Schoemaker, Alexander Beeloo, Sanne Knoll; Axelle Pavero

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