Avsaralani Villa

The Avsaralani Villa is a holiday house located in an isolated, picturesque mountain area 100 kilometres north of Kayseri in Central Turkey. At an elevation of +1500 metres, the small village of Avsaralani is an ideal destination to escape the summer heat however most residents vacate during the winter which frequently blankets the Yozgat region in heavy snow.

With this house, we wished to show how traditional constructions and local materials could be reinterpreted in a contemporary way. Thereby, we took inspiration from the raw, solid and robust architecture of the local houses built from natural stone and the characteristic solid wooden door and window frames. The villa is a composition of rectilinear volumes constructed from recycled massive basalt stone walls. The aged stones originate from demolished abandoned neighbouring houses. Although the house is integrated into the surroundings through its materiality, it stands out from the local architecture namely through its strong geometric form and full-height openings. 

A long stone wall running north-south leads to the entrance of the house while simultaneously creating privacy in the garden. Housing the family’s rooms, the ground floor feels sheltered and intimate. The spaces are divisible enabling the separation for heating during winter. Guest rooms are located upstairs. The first floor is orientated to the sun and connected with an expansive terrace for entertaining that becomes the focus of the house during summer. Low stone walls enveloping the terrace function both as balustrades and seating elements. The villa is executed with exceptional craftmanship, which contributes to the building’s characteristic expression.


Location: Avsaralani, Turkey
Client: Private
Year: 2011
Status: On hold
Team: Serge Schoemaker, Dik Houben

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