The design approach of Serge Schoemaker Architects is informed by a fascination for aesthetics, construction and craftsmanship. Through the process of building physical models, we explore the architectural potential of space, structures and materials. Our work reflects an honest expression of construction; materialization and detailing are inseparable from the architectural concept and sensorial experience. By utilizing space, proportion, light, and material we aim to give our architecture a basic intrinsic quality.

Through a process-based way of working that is both hands-on and research-driven, we strive for exceptional, custom-made solutions. We seek spatial and structural outcomes that reference their surroundings through form or craftsmanship. Thereby, the architecture can become a natural, sustainable fit for its surroundings and tell the story of a place in a new light. This contextual approach proves to be suitable for both sensitive environments and monumental sites.

The practice works on projects ranging from small interiors and installations to buildings in the public domain and private sector. Projects span conservation work to conversions and new interventions. We advise clients from initial concept – via feasibility studies and design sketches – to final completion. Special attention is given to the realization phase: through in-house project management during the construction process, we can ensure that the design will be executed with the quality that we envisioned. 

Serge Schoemaker

Video interview: Serge Schoemaker on his light artwork ‘Transmission’

December 20, 2018

In a video interview made by InventDesign, Serge Schoemaker explains his interest in light art and talks about the design and production of his latest light artwork for the Amsterdam Light Festival. ‘Transmission’ is an installation produced by InventDesign in collaboration with OPS Plastics and SnijNoord.

Video interview (Vimeo)

‘Transmission’ on show at Amsterdam Light Festival

November 29, 2018

Our minimalist light installation Transmission is currently on display at Westerdok in Amsterdam as part of the seventh edition of the Amsterdam Light Festival. This floating light installation consists of nineteen ‘lines’ of Plexiglas that respond architecturally to the festival theme.


Exterior view of Hoofddorp Garden Studio by Serge Schoemaker Architects

Completed: Hoofddorp Garden Studio

November 12, 2018

With the rise in both land prices and numbers of people working from home, high-quality insulated garden studios have become a big trend. In Hoofddorp, Serge Schoemaker Architects used limited architectural means to design a sleek multifunctional garden studio. The result is a small and versatile structure.

Hoofddorp Garden Studio

Model of Hoofddorp Fort Island by Serge Schoemaker Architects

Construction works start on Hoofddorp Fort Island

November 8, 2018

The renovation works has begon on the Hoofddorp Fort Island. The construction start was celebrated on November 8, with motivational speeches by Derk Reneman, alderman of the municipality of Haarlemmermeer, and Joke Geldhof, deputy of the Province of Noord-Holland. The transformation of the UNESCO monument will be completed by the end of 2019.

Interior view of Hoofddorp House by Serge Schoemaker Architects

Hoofddorp House nominated for 2018 Interior of the Year award

October 17, 2018

Hoofddorp House is nominated for the Dutch 2018 Interior of the Year award. In renovating this freestanding house in Hoofddorp, Serge Schoemaker Architects gave it a radical metamorphosis, creating a spacious interior full of character, with charming sight lines and plenty of daylight.

Hoofddorp House

Model of Retie Landscape Objects by Serge Schoemaker Architects

Serge Schoemaker Architects wins competition in Belgium

June 14, 2018

Serge Schoemaker Architects has won the competition for a series of landscape objects in the province of Antwerp. The objects are designed to enhance the quality of the walking area around the ‘Grote Gracht’, to the east of the municipality of Retie. We interpreted the rich local agricultural history with a poetic, minimalist design.

Retie Landscape Objects

Mayor of the Haarlemmermeer visits Hoofddorp Fort Island

May 30, 2018

Today Onno Hoes, mayor of the Haarlemmermeer, visited the construction site of the UNESCO Hoofddorp Fort Island. Here we had a first view on the excavated fort building. Renovation works will start this summer. The works include a restoration of both the fort island and building, saving the world heritage monument from further decline.

Hoofddorp Fort Island

Model of Hoofddorp Fort Island by Serge Schoemaker Architects

Hoofddorp Fort Island building permit approved

March 16, 2018

Five years after the first sketch, following a building permit process of more than a year, our redevelopment plan for the Hoofddorp Fort Island has finally been approved. This week the permit became irreversible. Our design transforms the 8’100 square metre world heritage site into a public park, encompassing among others a restaurant, a small open air theater and a wild garden.

Hoofddorp Fort Island

Interior view of Amsterdam Private Residence by Serge Schoemaker Architects

Renovation of a private residence in Amsterdam South

January 13, 2018

In renovating this 1930s house in Amsterdam, we created a high-quality interior full of contrast. With a number of strategic alterations, the ground floor was redesigned both spatially and functionally. The renovation exploits the spatial qualities of the house to the full. The intermediate floor in the original extension was removed, creating a striking, high-ceilinged kitchen cum living room with rooflights overhead.

Amsterdam Private Residence