The design approach of Serge Schoemaker Architects is informed by a fascination for construction and craftsmanship. Through the process of building physical models, we explore the architectural potential of space, structures and materials. Our work reflects an honest expression of construction; materialization and detailing are inseparable from the architectural concept and sensorial experience. By utilizing space, proportion, light, and material we aim to give our architecture a basic intrinsic quality.

Through a process-based way of working that is both hands-on and research-driven, we strive for exceptional, custom-made solutions. We seek spatial and structural outcomes that reference their surroundings through form or craftsmanship. Thereby, the architecture can become a natural, sustainable fit for its surroundings and tell the story of a place in a new light. This contextual approach proves to be suitable for both sensitive environments and monumental sites.

The practice works on projects ranging from small interiors to large-scale buildings in the public domain and private sector. Projects span conservation work to conversions and new interventions. We advise clients from initial concept – via feasibility studies and design sketches – to final completion. Special attention is given to the realization phase: through in-house project management during the construction process, we can ensure that the design will be executed with the quality that we envisioned. 


SSA moves to a new office in Amsterdam North

March 5, 2017

Serge Schoemaker Architects will move to a new office, marking a page-turn for the growing architectural practice. The new location is in Amsterdam North, situated along the Buiksloterkanaal, just a few hundred meters from the EYE Film Museum and the iconic A’DAM Tower. Come and visit us from April onwards: Casa Boomerang, Wilgenweg 20c, Amsterdam.


Alley of Light opens at light festival in Shenzhen, China

December 24, 2016

After its premiere at the Amsterdam Light Festival and presentation in Sweden during the Norrköping Light Festival, Alley of Light can be seen in China this winter. The dynamic 3D light grid consisting of 2000 handmade lights has been selected for the International Sea World Light Festival 2016-2017. The installation is on show in the center of the Sea World area in Shenzhen until February 12, 2017.

Alley of Light


Transformation of Haarlem Primary School completed

October 14, 2016

By strategically reconfiguring the floor plan, roofing the large patio and introducing a new colour scheme, we changed this introverted building from the sixties into a spacious and bright school with a clearly open orientation to its surroundings. The new multipurpose gathering space at the heart of the building lends the school a complete new look and feel.

Haarlem Primary School


‘Serge Schoemaker Architects, selected works 2010-2015’

April 10, 2016

Our new portfolio book features seven custom-made, small-scale projects completed between 2010 and 2015. The selected projects represent our exploration of the architectural potential of spaces, structures and materials during the last five years. The book has been designed by graphic designer Thijs Verbeek. Photos by Raoul Kramer.

Interested? Please send us an email in order to receive one by post.

Serge Schoemaker Architects | Project Woerden

Woerden Terrace Apartment completed

February 7, 2016

The commission to modernize this apartment at the top of a town house in the centre of Woerden resulted in a design that joins the three existing rooms at the rear of the first floor to create one big kitchen cum living area that opens onto a generously sized, sun-drenched roof terrace.

Woerden Terrace Apartment

Fort, Cover3

Green light for Fort Hoofddorp redevelopment project

December 16, 2015

Mayor and Aldermen of Haarlemmermeer have approved the realisation and financial support of our Fort Hoofddorp redevelopment project. The UNESCO fort, built in 1907, will be renovated and transformed into an open-air theater and a restaurant with the financial support of the Province of Noord-Holland and the Municipality of Haarlemmermeer.

Fort near Hoofddorp